The Tessandori Tribe

Many things define Tommy – A Father, Husband, Entrepreneur and Team Leader at work.

A core value to Tommy is Personal Evolution, meaning that he (as the things that define him) is always changing: Growing and expanding to the next level of what is possible.

One core personal value is being a Parent. Even as a single parent Tommy found the uniqueness of child rearing to be tremendously rewarding and insightful. While that sounds pretty abstract, it’s almost impossible for him to put into words the joy that raising a child brings.

But that’s not the only thing that Tommy is about…

As a Windows Network System Administrator for over 12 years, Tommy has learned the value of Education and keeping up with technology. It’s this history that has lead him to greatly value education and patience, two things a good parents needs.

Before stepping to to System Administration, Tommy removed computer viruses for Symantec, a leading company in the field of computer protection. This means that even on a subconscious level, security (in both the virtual and real world) is top-of-mind.

Tommy also is an accomplished musician who enjoys writing and playing music.



When it comes to his Entrepreneur-side, Tommy has been writing Mobile Device Apps (mostly for iPhone and iPads).  His company is called Swipe Tap Pinch and he develops Information Apps that add value to the world and adds Information in your pocket!



Tommy also values health and has participated in several 5k Runs, either supporting Megan or running with Emma. He loves going to the gym and often takes Emma to the Kid’s Club. Tommy feels that the reward of health and a healthy lifestyle are more than “soft benefits” but rather set a good example and just plain ol’ make you feel good.