The Tessandori Tribe

We live in Northeast Portland in the traditional, well-established Boise-Eliot Neighborhood.

The tree-lined streets provide a great backdrop to the best of both worlds: Close-by restaurants, stores and coffee houses as well as two huge parks (with playgrounds) and the Matt Dishman Community Center less than two blocks away.


We’re close enough to walk to school each day as Emma currently attends Boise/Eliot-Humboldt pre-k-8 grade school:

One of our favorite new things to do is to get a healthy snack at the New Seasons that is on our way home from school.

We’re also one block away from the new Randall Children’s Hospital at Legacy Emmanuel.

A typical day starts with walking Emma to school at 8:30 where she goes to until 3:00.

Megan works Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays at her job and Tommy works Monday through Friday (from an office at home).

Because Tommy works from home, it’s easy to walk and pickup Emma from school, he does this every day, with the exception of Tuesdays and Wednesdays when Megan picks her up.

When we get home from school Emma takes time to unwind and always does her homework before dinner at 6:30.

Every night after dinner the family does some sort of activity together, crafts, reading, sometimes watching TV or playing Kinect.