The Tessandori Tribe

Megan is amazing at all she does. She’s a fantastic mother, a faithful wife and a passionate professional at her job.

Born and raised in Portland, she is a true Oregonian. However she is very in touch with her Latino side. Her Mexican grandmother was a solid staple in her life as a youngster. Megan also speaks Spanish.

She’s a Certified Veterinary Technician (CVT) at North Portland Veterinary Clinic and is committed to Exercise and Healthy Eating. Whether it’s going to Spin Class at 24 Hour Fitness or running the Fourth of July Flat or Holiday Half-Marathon, Megan enjoys being active.

She love’s Cats, especially our cats, and going to our favorite spot in Cannon Beach (where we got married at Ecola State Park).


Megan is also adventurous and loves to go on Family Adventures. Here’s Megan hiking on a vacation in Hawaii…

and having fun with Emma at Disneyland.

Here she is with her sister Erin at a Wedding in 2011:


Megan is a joy to all she knows. She is the perfect balance of fun and adventure while still sticking to her core values of Family and Fitness.